Monday, April 23, 2012

The gray area and U.S. immigration

Think of a baby born in Mexico and smuggled across the border.  When that child grows up, does she deserve to be deported back to a country that she has never known?  This difficult policy situation is the fault of unimaginative federal law.  Tens of thousands of people fall into this gray area and nothing has been done about it.  They are marginalized and face diminished prospects.  There are several options, none of which is perfect but all of which would help to different extents and foster additional discussion about the subject.  Learn more about the options after the break.

Welcome back.  Below is a 90s-themed review of different policy options.  Click for the full size version.Give me an A!
The gray area dilemma costs the nation economic output and liberty.  While there is no perfect policy that will fully address all relevant concerns, policies with any red cells in the matrix should be eliminated from consideration.  That leaves the DREAM Act and Military Dreams.  Although they are both far from perfect, Military Dreams avoids several of the larger Act’s unpleasant consequences.  Instead of treating Military Dreams as the “winning” option, this analysis concludes that the DREAM Act’s mechanisms of action should be viewed as separate issues and that Congress and the President should consider either a complete overhaul of the bill or separating the bill into smaller bills similar to Military Dreams.

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Anonymous said...

The gray area as outlined above is something that must be addressed. Although I agree that policy must change, I do not think the Military Dream is a good option. That option would force a lot of people into the military as the only viable option. In a country that allows for choice in military service (except under times of extreme warfare) giving a minority group only one option of how to become legal is wrong and hurtful to a group that has grown up in this country and is just as American as someone born within the boarders.