Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Illegal immigrants face FBI database

The cover of today's Washington Post is reporting that law enforcement officials have started adding outstanding deportation orders to the National Crime Information Center Database. The Department of Homeland Security says that they have found 25,000

The government has a mixed record of criminal databases. Its ill-fated Carnivore program was a dramatic failure, but the NCID has been a great way to catch criminals in casual interactions with the police. An officer performing a traffic stop can search a suspect for warrants.

There is some controversy over this practice, but I say the benefits far outweigh any criticism. It is necessary to treat illegal immigrants as criminals. Not surprisingly there are people who are willing to defend the act of disregarding an immigration order. From the article:
Separately, immigrant advocacy organizations are suing the government, saying that it had no legal standing to add administrative records to what has traditionally been a database for criminal warrants. Disregarding a deportation order is a violation of administrative, not criminal, law.

What these criminal apologists fail to realize is that the very act of entering the United States without permission is a violation of criminal law. I salute the government for doing something to enforce this all-to-often violated law of the land.

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